So after throwing everything out of my wardrobe yesterday I came across two skirts, one silk sage green pleated one by +Next  that I found in a charity shop, and the other an old cream H & M.

Now I should never of bought the silk pleated one as it's a size 8 (more like a 6) and I'm a size 10 (a generous size 10.... Ok sometimes a 12, what can I say... I love pasta and wine!). But it was just oh so beautiful and I love it! For about two years i've been thinking I'll maybe loose weight and fit in it... But have since decided that that probably isn't going to happen now, but I'm desperate to wear this skirt to some festive parties THIS YEAR.
So today I decided to make it fit!
I very tediously unpicked the cream skirt from its elastic waist band (man I love elastic), and then chopped about 8" off the top of the pleated one as I'm so short (5ft).

Then very slowly and I mean slow! All those pleats = headache! I machine stitched the band to the new waist of my skirt, pulling the elastic as much as I could whilst tucking all the pleats in.
It fits! I'm well chuffed.

I think both skirts set me back about £6.00 each, and the material of the cream one won't go to waste although I'm not sure what I will make with it yet.
Some things are just too pretty to not spend a little time on making them just right for you.
Emma x

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