So I thought I'd start my first post with a little bit about me... 
I don't like to do selfies.... I'm so going to have to get over that one!
I've started this little blog & IG to share my experience of shopping, dressing and how i can fit in looking half decent whilst having a messy job (I'm a flower grower), walking the dog and looking after my family.
I'm 38 now and have just started to care about how I look when I leave the house for the first time in a long time. I was 23 when I last gave a monkeys about fashion, and I was pregnant, had my own business to run and house to keep. When my first darling girl came along I stopped thinking about how I looked, don't get me wrong I haven't been a slob for the past however many years although I didn't brush my hair much.
I have the capsule wardrobe thing going on, not because it's trendy, just because I don't like shopping and I just enjoy living in jeans.
So I've emptied my wardrobe of moth eaten clothes from the 90s, ok maybe not the 90s but close. I was going to share a picture but it's just too darn right embarrassing.
I'm looking forward to keeping you posted with how I get on. At the minute I'm sitting in my mini outside Topshop, I will pluck up the courage to go in in a bit, honest.
Wish me luck x

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