So I've decided to add a pair of ripped jeans to my wardrobe after checking with my daughters that this was a cool thing and not silly.
 Hey, they are teenagers, there is much eye rolling, I'd like to reduce that where possible.

So off I wandered to all the major high street shops in search of the perfect pair of jeans.
 And after a day wasted of the rips not being quite in the right place, the colour not right, the rise, the length... blah blah blah, I decided I'd better get on with the food shopping or there would be more eye rolling at nothing for dinner.

Well who knew... perfect ripped jeans! And I mean perfect. Plus a bargain at only £18.00!
So I hastily purchased my pair and took them home for review.
My eldest and most demanding teen actually swooned 'Oh my god mum they are brilliant! Can I pinch them?'
Me: no.
Her: well can you get me a pair?
Me: they're from Tesco!!!!
Her: so!
Now that is what I call approval!

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