Hello everyone,

Check out my sink 🙂 
It has to be my most favourite up-cycled vintage piece ever!

I bought an old side table from a house clearance for £20 and the gorgeous bowl I bought for £30 from an antiques shop.

My darling dad got the job of drilling the sink and putting together my design,
It went something like this.....

Me: Daaaaaaaad
Him: Yeeeeees
Me: (holding the bowl in the shop with phone to my ear) how easy is it to drill a whole in a Victorian basin?
Him: If you buy the drill bit we'll ave a go.

Love his can do attitude!

And after a nail biting 5 minutes of him drilling and me standing in the garden helping with my eyes shut, I had the start of the most amazing sink ever!

My dad is an absolute genius!

I'm so flipping lucky!

But now if we move, I'll be taking my sink with me.

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